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Manufacturer: Ringside
Price: 79.99 from (think I got them for 99.99)
Weight: 20oz
Type: Velcro Training glove
Color: only comes in red white and black
Composition: Leather, Quad Layer Impact Foam, velcro enclosure

My Experience
My second pair of gloves was a pair of Title heavy hitter gloves; which were reputed to be 22 to 24oz of protection.
I used to use that pair and even after a year or two of constant abuse, they still held up well and offered solid protection. I never remember those gloves being overly "squishy", as the foam as somewhat dense, and the leather was sewn tight; granted i don't remember a whole lot from those days.

I got a pair of the Ringside heavy hitters in order to replace those title gloves, which were beginning to smell.

First impressions - the design's attractive, the leather's not as smooth or tight as the Title gloves, not as high quality as Ultimate Classic Training Gloves, but sewn tighter than the ultimate classic training gloves.

The fit's not quite as snug as the ultimate classic training glove; not quite as much extra cushioning around the wrist and the pocket's a little bigger.

These gloves have the same fill as the ultimate classic training gloves, and it's really squishy. The leather's a bit tighter on these gloves, so eventhough there's more protection, they have a little more pop to them than the ultimate classic training gloves - the added weight may add to the force. On the other hand, they are a bit off balanced, but not in the same way as the ultimate classic glove - having less cushioning gives them a little more give and maybe makes them easier to control.

On the other hand these gloves are the bulkiest gloves I've ever used, much moreso than the Title ones. Most of the time all you need to do is pick your arms up and you've got a huge shield for defense.

I used to be all about big gloves because I thought they made you work harder and get better. After using these gloves and the Ultimate Classic gloves I realized a few major drawbacks:

Bulkiness & being off balance make it hard to have a lot of control, so you have a lot more "incidents".

Too much knuckle cushion means you have a harder time keeping people off of you should "incidents" arise.

On bag & pads, the feedback from the impact can be a necessary thing to make you stronger - it's just the over-doing of it that causes injury; so you don't want gloves that prevent you from feeling any impact.

Bulky gloves make your defense weak - it's too easy when all you have to do is raise your hands to have a shield that covers your whole head.

Durable leather
Decent fit
Attractive Appearance
Decent Wrist support
Protects your knuckles.

The fill is a little "too nice", makes it hard for dropping the occasional hard shot when you need to.
Bad for defense.
Only improves endurance, not power 'coz you can't feel the impact of punches.

Quality 8/10
Value 8/10
Performance 7/10
Comfort 9/10

These gloves last.
They're nice when you really don't want to hurt someone.

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You jsut can't punch man. haha jk, another great review. I have a pair of ringside pro fight gloves in 10 oz. They are amazing. I got them for a steal price at 29.99 for the reds. I think they are like 49.99 normally. They feel like bag gloves/sparring gloves. Great for any type of use.

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I have the same 10 oz ringside pro fight gloves, managed to get mine for around £25 which is $50 if i'm not mistaken, they are good for bag work, which is all i can hit nowadays, the wife doesn't like me sparring with my friends anymore, she said she didn't want me to get a boxers nose.

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The only time i've ever really dropped anybody with a punch was from a bodyshot in reyes 14oz gloves (on a smaller guy); so you may have a point saying that I can't punch. On the other hand, I've spent a lot of time working on my mechanics since moving to Texas and in sparring it seems like I have a lot more power (sparring with IMF 16oz that still feel new). If they decide to turn up the heat, I'm able to turn it up high enough to make them worry; which wasn't really the case before.

Those Ringside pro fight gloves must be foam-filled. Usually fight gloves are filled with horsehide and really start breaking down after a few uses.

I do think when talking about partner safety (damage reduction) that heavier gloves are underrated; however I think the supposed speed & power benefits of heavier gloves are overrated.
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