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Review: Ringside Super Bag Gloves

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This review is for Ringside Boxing's "Professional Super Bag Glove"

Well, after the gym gloves became a little too funky and worn in for my tastes, it was time to pick up a new set of bag gloves. This time around, I decided to give the Ringside Pro Super Bag gloves a try. Upon opening the packaging, I was hit with the sweet smell of all genuine leather. The gloves are completely finished in it, black with red accents. The stitching and cuts were very well done, and the finish quality was spot on. No noticeable defects or short-cuts were found with this pair. These pro-style lace up bag gloves are the 12oz variety which is the only weight that this style is available in. With attached thumb and pro fight style cut, these gloves are ready to get the job done, and for an impressive $44.99 retail.

Upon slipping the gloves on, you immediately notice the comfort level of this glove. They just form perfectly to your hand, and feel very plush and balanced. For a 12oz weight, they certainly felt a little lighter that advertised which would lead me to believe that there is more weight toward the center and cuff of the glove, than then knuckle area -thus resulting in that light,balanced feel.
After several workouts, my impressions of this glove havent changed. They provide good shock protection, albeit not quite as good as some of the other injected foam/multilayer foam/gel models, and better than average support. The foam padding materials have held up very well, and the finishing materials, being genuine leather, are excellent for durability. They also seem to dry pretty quickly, as long as they're left exposed to air after your workout. All in all, this is a very nice glove. Not up there with the very upper echelon of bag gloves, but certainly a terrific buy for the price. Cheers to Ringside for continuing to deliver on quality professional products at reasonable prices.

Ratings (1-10, 10 being the highest)

Pros: Low price, great all leather construction, comfort!
Cons: Not as protective as some of the higher end multilayer foam and gel gloves

Manufacturer: Ringside Boxing
Price: $44.99 at
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Another good addition to this section. Damn Everlast for being so expensive. I am pondering getting a set of these gloves for my bag.
Ok, I'll let you know when I get them.
I better, or I will be hunting you down in Philly.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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