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A review of title's training gloves.
Well i needed some new training gloves and I stumbled upon the Title Hook and Loop Training Gloves.
First the bad, these gloves smell very funny when they first arrive, luckily the smell wears off relatively fast. My second comlaint is the roll up closure on the cuffs I absolutely hate it and if it didnt damage the glove i'd cut it off. The reason it is bad it because it makes the glove a little difficult to put on and remove and unless you leave it rolled up it will be difficult to remove them and put them on without a little help which kind of defeats the purpose of them being hook and loop. Now the good, these gloves offer a large amount of protection, they are pretty heavily, but not too padded and they protect your hands (and your opponent to some extent) from damage. These are great for sparring and light bag work and focus mitt training. I havent used them for any heavy training purposes but i think they would last a good while if you take it easy. Another safety feature that i find weird is how heavily padded the palm is. I think they did this so your hand can rest a little during workouts but it makesit a little difficult to put the glove on with handwraps on but once again the safety factor is even hgiher. All in all these gloves are great gloves, they are padded with very (but not too) absorbent foam and they should stand up to many of your training needs. And while they're not the best training gloves at 49.99 they are a pretty good value, i have yet to test them in heavy training conditions. Not better than everlast professional hook and loop gloves but still very good. 8/10
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