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Review: Ultimate Classic Ultimate Training Gloves

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Manufacturer: Ringside Ultimate Classic
Price: 79.99 from (think I got them for 99.99)
Weight: 16oz (comes in 14, 16, and 18oz)
Type: Velcro Training glove
Color: only comes in black on brown and brown on black
Composition: Leather, CoolMax interior, Quad Layer Impact foam fill, velcro enclosure

My Experience
I bought the Brown on Black version of these gloves (not pictured). The leather is a little different between the two colors, black being a little harder, brown being slightly softer; black stitched more tightly, brown stitched more loosely (easy to pinch a section of leather & separate from filling).

As I said, mine have very soft leather and it's stitched a little bit loose. The leather doesn't feel as high quality as a Grant; but it appears to be higher quality than the Ultimate Classic Ultimate Bag glove variation.

The inside of these gloves is lined with CoolMax, but it doesn't feel like CoolMax. The padding in these gloves is everywhere, and the pocket pretty snug & cushioned so it feels a bit more like the cloth in the IMF training glove.

The cuff on these gloves is pretty long, with the elastic lace covering, which i usually leave flipped up. Between the elastic lace cover, a more contoured velcro strap, and the added cushioning inside the glove, you can tell a large difference versus the ultimate bag glove when it comes to wrist support.

The fill on these gloves is Quad Layer foam. The fill on the knuckles feels exactly the same as the Ringside 20oz Heavy hitter gloves, which are more bulky on the sides n back. Over all this glove feels heavy & off balanced when throwing. It was easy for me to loose a little control over my punches when trying to go light (due to being off balanced), but REALLY HARD to hurt anybody when going hard. It's like being stuck at medium intensity with huge pillows that you don't have precision control over. These are my sweetheart gloves. I don't know why I keep 'em around. The brown version's even worse than the black version, which is sewn a little more tightly.

Ideally, I guess these would be great gloves if both parties were wearing them & agreeing to go hard. It would make for a good workout with ridiculously minimized damage. Or maybe for kids' sparring.

Durable leather
Solid construction
Good fit
Attractive Appearance
Good Wrist support

The fill is a little "too nice", makes it hard for dropping the occasional hard shot when you need to.

Quality 9/10
Value 9/10
Performance 7/10
Comfort 9/10

These gloves last.
They're put together well, it's the design i have issue with.
Maybe I got a pair that was actually 18oz, not sure...
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Great review. They really arent my taste though. I wondered why they were so expensive though.
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