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Match Tags : Richard Riakporhe vs Fabio Turchi
When : June 15th 2022
About the match latest results and Predictions :

The Riakporhe vs Turchi fight this weekend, we have made it very clear that we can see a Riakporhe knockout victory as the most likely outcome of this fight. As the fight wears on and as Turchi gets tired, constantly taking Riakporhe’s best shots all over his body, he will begin to crack. Riakporhe has that killer instinct that you need in boxing, and once he sniffs blood, he won’t let Turchi away with it. We think this fight is only going one way, a Riakporhe stoppage victory. The 32-year-old has operated at a far higher level than Turchi in terms of opponents, boasting wins over the likes of Sam Hyde, Tommy McCarthy, Chris Billam Smith, Jack Massey and Deion Jumah then stream link also available here .
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