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Ricky Hatton and Amir Khan

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I’m attempting to raise money for the charity ‘Age Concern’ and have managed to convince Amir Khan and Ricky Hatton to donate signed boxing gloves to raffle off in aid of this cause

I’m trying to raise money for the charity Age Concern and I’m raffling signed boxing gloves donated by Ricky Hatton, current world IBF champion, and Amir Khan, boxing brightest prospect

Follow the link to win the boxing gloves and help ‘Age Concern’

Thank you
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at the moment highest bid on the Amir Khan glove is £5, you could at present win it with £6 and it comes with certificate of authenticity signed by his agent. Absolute bargain
That sounds like an awsome deal I am going to have to read a little bit more about that and I may make a bid on them to help out.
Not to much money at all. If I am right nere in the Unted States that would be about $10 right?
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