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Ricky Hatton vs Jose Luis Castillo Results Thread

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On my unofficial scorecard, i had hatton ahead 2 rounds to 1 at the time that Castillo was knocked out by a body shot. This happened in the fourth round shortly after castillo was deducted 1 point for a low blow. Hatton once again, comedically, called out floyd mayweather jr.
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...RH / JLC
the rest is history.

Congrats to RH
But i still find it hard to watch him punch and hold.:mad:
BTW Castillo looked shot befor the first bell sounded.:confused:

and on the PBF comment RH is the MAN.:thumbsup:
i agree. i think hatton still holds a little to much but he is awesome to watch when he lets his hands go. I knew castillo looked old and i think he was just looking for a payady.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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