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RJJ vs Baby Floyd

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Who would win?
What weight would they fight at?
Who had the better P4P reign?
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Man, even with a glass jaw PBF couldn’t knock out a primed or an over the hill RJJ. Jones was faster; hit a hell of a lot harder and an all around better fighter. I think he was the best of his era. You can’t really put these two in the same category. It's not really fare for the PBF lovers. I am a fan of PBF, but I would not lie to myself and say he his better than RJJ. I think when RJJ was primed, not one human could touch him. And when I say touch I mean touch, punch scratch anything. He was that good, that fast. I mean has PBF put his hands behind his back and dodged a few punches before knocking someone out, has PBF ever looked at the REF while punching the hell out of a guy asking with concern, “do I have to continue, because I don’t want to hurt him”? Probably not…. Now days it’s a different story but like I have said before, he still can take a little Joe Calzaghe any day, easily… and comparing Calzaghe to a RJJ in his prime would be like comparing him to PBF. It would be a mismatch, a total complete joke. Wouldn’t even be fare… Now days Calzaghe has a very, very SMALL chance of even taking him because RJJ is over the hill and Clazaghe slaps like a little girl. Manfredo can testify to that. Roy’s glass jaw would need more power than what Clazaghe ever had to begin with, let alone PBF.

Anyway you can’t compare PBF to RJJ. It would be a joke just as I mentioned about RJJ and Calzaghe. It just would'nt be fare.
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It is a great comparison. The big difference is two totally different styles.
skill wise they are alot alike. but it ends there, completely two different fighters, they both were undeprectiated although being unarguable the best in the sport at the time of reign, jones would win any fight between the two. It would be a different story if floyd was a natural 160, then it would be pretty even.
It's to hard to compare the two. To big a weight difference. If I was forced to pick one, I would say Jones.
It's to hard to compare the two. To big a weight difference. If I was forced to pick one, I would say Jones.
If they fought at the same weights I would definitely give this one to RJJ. He was just rediculous.
o I forgot to mention that the weight difference between RJJ and PBF was the reason it wouldn't be fare. I can't imagine PBF at a natural 160, but They both are good. I still believe no one could touch RJJ in his prime... not one single person in the history of this sport.....
i too wes will stand by that until i die, unless another freak seems to verge out of the distance while im still alive, its weird. I hope no one over shadows roy jones jr in history, but at the same time, im dieing for that person to show himself and help save boxing.
I know what your saing....

Hey have you seen PBF's little kids? I mean there little but they got that MAYWEATHER blood..... who knows what we see in about 10-15 years... lol
haha, as much as i wish, i think mayweather jr, has peaked that family. They will all just be average champions after him i think, but who knows. I want a new name in boxing, hell prettyboywho seems to think he will be the next p4p king, maybe he will full his destiny and be the next rjj. haha what a joke.
If Floyd knocks off Shane and one more A level guy nobody can say anything. Imagine 40-0 and ending with Mosley, Cotto, and one more.
mosley and cotto would make 40 wouldnt it? Im actually hoping for floyd vs margy now. I want it so bad just to shut people up. Going on 41 and 0.
That would make everyday great for me. I just don't see him facing margarito because he isn't worth the time except for shutting people up, but I don't feel that Floyd thinks he has to waste his time fighting him.
yeah, anyone hear ever watch the xfiles lol. im getting ready to watch it right now on the scifi channel, i need to get to sleep.
sent oen right back at ya.
PrettyBoyFloyd said:
If Floyd knocks off Shane and one more A level guy nobody can say anything. Imagine 40-0 and ending with Mosley, Cotto, and one more.
that is true. if he does do that not one person can really say anything about him. As long as these last few guys are TOP fighters. I actually think he should fight a few at this weight class then move up for one more belt and retire. Gain some weight and take a fight with Calzaghe or JT or one of them guys as long as he trained harder than ever before and gained that solid weight. Kind of like what RJJ did with Ruiz... anyhow i think if he did that... he would for sure have a spot in history.
if he runs like bitch to win these fights we can say plenty, id like to just see him use those undoubted speed and skill to try and ko a live body.

baldomir was a perfect chance for him, baldis a non puncher who has no speed, yet floyd didn't even try to stop him.
theres a term in boxing thats been linked to great fighters down the years, "expect the unexpected" with floyd its always expect the expected!!

run run jab run run.
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