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Rocky 6

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in rocky 6 the film does antone know who wins the fight.

Tarver vs Sly
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Sounds like a lose/lose situation to me.
Captainobvious99 said:
Sounds like a lose/lose situation to me.

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

The Crowed or the fighters ????
I don't mean to be a party pooper but who cares??? I could care less if Rocky dies...
bill1234 fare enough but i bet you will someday watch the new rocky film and enjoy it. hehe. I was only wandering if anyone knows who wins out of tarver and stallone. so if you have nothing better to say i serjest you just leave this thread please.
I dont know who wins in the movie but Sly could probably beat Tarver in real life lol.
tarvers never realy impressed me, it was obvious when he beat rjj that roy wasn 70% of what he once was.

maybe he can beat a 60 year old balboa....
I dont know it'll be a tough fight.
cheers for the replys people
Has Sly ever made a Rocky movie where his character ends up losing, by the end fo the movie?!

That is all you need to know about Rocky.

This should answer your question, unless of course, Hollywood got together and said, let's pay him his "step-aside money" and have Sly kill off the Rocky character once and for all.

Which means, "Rocky 7, back from the grave" should be out sometime in 2035.
prettyboywho said:
I dont know who wins in the movie but Sly could probably beat Tarver in real life lol.

Is Tarver real going to move up to heavy weight?
Sorry but while making the movie Tarver knocked Sly out.....sly got cocky and told him to get in the ring with him. Sadly he was put to sleep.:rolleyes:
Are You Serious?
Sly is my size 5'7, and there is no where he would ever challenge the Magic man in real life. Sly might be dumb as a cave man, but he certainly is not that stupid .
The first Rocky movie Sly had Rocky lose a split decision against Appolo Creed, but like 1 hour and a 1/2 into the 2nd move he won the rematch.
Sorry but it may not have been that he challenged him....i might have heard wrong it, happend during one of the scenes but im pretty sure it happend.:dunno:
Sly is soooooooo stupid then. He is 60 somthin years old!!! Also most normal peole have o clue what its like to be even grazed by pro light heavy to heavyweight punch!!! Yeah sly would have probably beat Tarver back in 75 but in 2006 I don't think so.
So Tarver can only win a fights now against 5'7'' 60 year old actors who play boxers? lol
Sly was Rambo. Rambo. Nuff said.
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