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Rocky Marciano vs. Floyd Patterson

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What is your opinion on this match, and how will this fight end?

To me:

Patterson UD4 Marciano
Marciano TKO5 Patterson
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Marciano TKO 8. He outworks Floyd and is just too strong and hits too hard. Floyd also isn't mobile enough to escape.
Marciano was bigger than Patterson. I saw an interview with Patterson after his fight with Chuvalo, and Marciano was sitting next to him. Marciano looked to be about 6'3 and 250lbs compared to him.
WOW im not sure about that.

Liston could certainly pack a wallop and lets not forget patterson was a tough guy brought up in the meaner part of New York (if my memory is correct) Liston just had his number. Patterson's jab was also very good im not sure if marciano fought anyone with a better jab (Bill 1234 may be able to let us know)

Badger in Asia
Walcott and Louis had better jabs. LaStarza's was maybe a notch below Patterson's.
LOL sorry Bill, I beat you to the punch;) (cept i did not mention Louis and LaStarza).
You may have beat me to the punch, but I kept swinging.:p
Most of the great boxers of old have been kicking off recently to the great ring in the sky.:(

Patterson, Pep, Giardello, and Schmelling at least made it past 65. Some don't even make it that far.
I knew that you knew. I just made sure that everybody else knew.

Schmeling surprised me. He took such major hits to the head from Max Baer and Joe Louis, and yet he lives to be 99? makes no sense. lol.

RIP Schmeling 1905-2005
I don't know many details, but I saw a thing on TV where some people truly only die from old age, and live to be around 100 and still be in good health. Maybe Max was one of those people.:dunno:
Rocky Castellini was a good fighter? Didn't he fight Sugar Ray Robinson, or am I thinking of somebody else?

Castellani was a great fighter. I had the pleasure of meeting his cousin back in March. He was a real nice guy.
I have no idea why I put a question mark at the end of that sentance, I knew that Castellini was a good fighter. I was just wondering if he was the same Rocky that fought Robinson, which I guess he was. I had a chance to record that fight on my TV, I have no idea why I did not.
You have no idea about a lot of things, don't you?:laugh:
i have no idea :D
thank you, thank you very much. Im here every october!
Weren't you here in August and September too?
shhh the government is listening.
They're not gonna hear much unless you're talking out loud as you type.
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