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Rocky Marciano vs. Floyd Patterson

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What is your opinion on this match, and how will this fight end?

To me:

Patterson UD4 Marciano
Marciano TKO5 Patterson
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I think you are aiming a bit high there, because Liston knocked Patterson out in one twice. i see Patterson not lasting all of that long.
I laugh when people say that Marciano ducked Patterson when Patterson was not even a heavyweight when Marciano was fighting. I am glad that some people have brains!
i gave patterson alot more time and he would not be as afraid of a smaller guy as he was with "old scowl face". certainly still there in round 12.

Badger in Asia
and plus Marciano hit harder than Liston. He would not make it past round 6 for sure. Patterson just does not have a good enough chin.
The fight that Foreman had with Chuvalo, and Foreman just keeps unloading on him, and Chuvalo STILL will not fall. He was a very tough man.
Liston never did as much damage as Marciano did. Patterson was not that tough compared to the Heavyweights before his era and after his are (the Marciano Era and the Ali Era). Patterson was known for having a glass jaw (which usually his heart made up for it as he would rise a lot when he would fall) and was knocked out when he took extremely hard punches. Jersey Joe Walcott most definatley had a better jab than Patterson too, with power and sufficient speed, and I am sure that Bill will be able to tell you the same thing.
Thanks BM

I just got a load of old fights and will enjoy watching them

Badger in Asia
its np. You know quite a bit about boxing yourself. There is nothing that I love more than boxing. How far back do you watch fights. I've seen part of the first boxing match ever to be recorded in 1894 with the father of modern boxing, Gentleman Jim Corbett.
Walcott and Louis had better jabs. LaStarza's was maybe a notch below Patterson's.
LOL sorry Bill, I beat you to the punch;) (cept i did not mention Louis and LaStarza).
You may have beat me to the punch, but I kept swinging.:p
lol *pulls out a flameflower and throws flaming molotov cocktails at orphans*. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I WINS
Patterson would have been able to avoid Marciano's punches for a couple rounds, but then Marciano would find a way around Patterson's defence, like he usually did.
You are amazing..... Too bad I will never get to meet Patterson.

P.S. If you are wondering why i will never meet him, he died lol.

RIP 1935-2005
I knew that you knew. I just made sure that everybody else knew.

Schmeling surprised me. He took such major hits to the head from Max Baer and Joe Louis, and yet he lives to be 99? makes no sense. lol.

RIP Schmeling 1905-2005
There was an 100 year old man who ran a marathon. They asked him before he ran what he would do after he crossed the finish line, and he said that he would have a *** and a shot of whiskey. That "healthy" stuff that everybody has been telling us about is a bunch of bull crap.
Rocky Castellini was a good fighter? Didn't he fight Sugar Ray Robinson, or am I thinking of somebody else?
I have no idea why I put a question mark at the end of that sentance, I knew that Castellini was a good fighter. I was just wondering if he was the same Rocky that fought Robinson, which I guess he was. I had a chance to record that fight on my TV, I have no idea why I did not.
You have no idea about a lot of things, don't you?:laugh:
i have no idea :D
thank you, thank you very much. Im here every october!
shhh the government is listening.
will that give me away? I should prolly stop reading posts outloud lol. There is a regular microphone (the kinds that singers use) in front of me, and I did not put it there. Is that a bad thing? Is my feet supposed to turn yellow? Why was I put here?Access Denied
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Marciano to KO patterson.
Patterson started his career as a Middelweight and was the most knocked down heavyweight champion in History i would be suprised to see him go past 5 rounds.
Liston should have been champ years before he was i think he could have took the belt from rocky if he hadnt retired
Wow. You bumped a really old thread that I put up. ****.

I was really annoying back in the day. Like, I annoy myself when I read the stuff I used to write on these forums.
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