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Marciano vs. Holmes

Rocky Marciano vs. Larry Holmes

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I recently thought to myself what would Bill say about this match, one going between two of his favorite fighters. Honestly I do not know which one of the two that Bill will pick.

Honestly this is how I see the match going:

Holmes UD12 Marciano
Marciano TKO14 Holmes
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I honestly thought that you would pick Holmes in this one. Well I geuss you have faith in the majestic power of Marciano then ;). To me Marciano = GOAT
I doubt that Larry Holmes had that good of a chin to go the distance with Rocky Marciano. Don't try to say that Holmes would run from him, you CANNOT escape from Rocky Marciano.
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He fought a man named Carmine Vingo, who was in between 6'4 and 6'6. he nearly killed him. Vingo would have been a top contender if Rocky Had not fought him.
i said that Vingo would have been a top contender if Rocky had not fought him. But, yeah, he never was a top contender. But it shows that he can fight bigger guys and win.
I would have to say that he was pretty good. Marciano said that his two toughest fights were Charles II and the fight with Vingo. It's too bad there are no videos out on Vingo. There is a video out with Vingo vr. Marciano but it's bad quality and short.
that doesn't nesasarrily say how good he is.
Larry was waaay out of shape in that fight.

the poll had a 30 day limit.
White people never got treated speacial ;) Marciano had to retire because he really screwed up his back. It is too bad that he never had that comeback fight with Ingemar Johansson.

I just don't go by ones record, if I did Rocky would be #1.

Its who you fought and beat that is more important, and Vingo didn't fight anyone that good.

Just look at some of the boxers,

George Washington went the distance with Vingo and he was stopped 17 times and ended his career with a 11-31 record.

Freddie McManus went the distance with Vingo and was stopped 8 times and ended his career with a record of 7-17-1.

You can not go by what would have been, you have to go by what was.
point taken lol.
maybe it was biased. It still was possible for Lowry to have been robbed. Wow. You have lots of connections!
Was this while Ingemar was still champ?

Sounds like ducking Patterson if so...Maybe with Marciano's bad back Patterson MIGHT have beat him, but it's too reaching for Marciano to not want to take the challenge.
Yeah. Marciano was considering a fight with him until he lost the rematch with Floyd Patterson, and then the hopes for a fight dissapeared. Technically he was not ducking Patterson, because Patterson wasn't calling him out and Marciano was still retired.
He DID beat Qawi twice after all. Qawi was never the same after the first brutal battle, Holyfield did that with his beatings. They asked Tyson who was the hardest puncher he ever faced and he said Holyfield. Shocked they asked Mike why? He responded something along the lines of "well, maybe he didn't punch the hardest but there were just so many of them..."

Marciano punched a lot too, but slower and not as accurate. Holyfield fights this fight on his toes, keeps Marciano at range. Marciano either learns how to use a jab to get inside or is destined to fail. Holyfield and Ali are the two best conditioned Heavyweight Champions of all time. He isn't going to slow down and let Marciano catch up to him. And Holyfield is advocated by everyone to be the greatest Cruiserweight we've ever had. He was BEAUTIFUL at this weight. If he cuts Marciano with in the first half of the fight Marciano isn't making it to 15 unless he pulls off a KO. And Holyfield is no Ezzard Charles, absolutely no history of being stopped in his prime.
If you look back on the fight between Rocky Marciano vs. Ezzard Charles II, Marciano had a severe cut over his nose, and he had only one round to knock Charles out. And he did. Marciano KOs Holyfield in 10!
I think Larry had what it takes to last 15 rounds with Rocky... He would prabably have one hell of a hard time in the later rounds but I think he would make it and win a decision.

Jersey Joe Walcott was beating Marciano until that very moment. Yes he was fading a bit and Roacly was starting to take the fight, but I think Larry was much better than Walcott.
Rocky was outboxed in the early rounds, like always. and then in the middle rounds, solvent seeped into his eyes and blinded him until the later rounds. Jersey got lucky
I agree BUT I think Larry would beat Rocky by out boxing him and winning by a UD or a late round stoppage.

Remember, Rocky never fought a heavyweight contender besides Louis, when he was way past his prime, that weighed over 200 pounds and was over 6' tall.

I believe Larry would be too big for Rocky.

Larry was 6'3" and had a reach of 81" to Rocky's 5'10-1/2" and 68".
He never fought a contender? what about Walcott, Charles, La Starza, Cockell, Savold, Layne, and Jesus. thats right he fought Jesus. Marciano KO'd Jesus, and then Jesus got mad and took his bible and made all of the witnesses forget what had happened. Rocky was 3 years old. At that time he was in his prime ;)

Rocky Marciano was the most phyisically fit fighter of all time. He ran 15 miles a day, hit the heavybag for 60 rounds a day, and he sparred for 85 rounds a day. Are you seriously telling me that Evander Holyfield is capable of doing even half of that?
Well than, would anybody like to tell me how he really trained than? Cuz' everytime that I say that, nobody has said a damn thing about the rabbits. nobody thinks about the rabbits. How would you like it if i hit YOUR dog?
BoxingManiac said:
Well than, would anybody like to tell me how he really trained than? Cuz' everytime that I say that, nobody has said a damn thing about the rabbits. nobody thinks about the rabbits. How would you like it if i hit YOUR dog?
Obama said:
...what the hell are you talking about?
You act like you dont know *breaks down into tears*
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