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i just watched the fight last night and its realy close. AT first i score it 114-113 for jmm and watched it again for
2nd time and now i got 114-113 for pac. the only debatable round here is 7,11,12 because of closeness of the fight and different critiria of judging it. round 1,3,4,9,10 are clearly pac round. 5,6,8 are for jmm. i like to know how you judge this. i change round 11 and gave it to pac. i also put a time in every action so you would see it. i also watched it with 3x slow motion lol.

jmm landed 1 left hook and strait right (2:51-2:50), pac landed right hook and jab (2:49), rest miss by both until jmm low blow pac at 2:11, jmm miss at 2:01-1:56, pac mis at 1:52, pac lands a jab. pac landed strait at 1:48 as jmm throw counters right but landed at pacs glove. jmm miss right and pac counter him with right hook at 1:38, pac landed soft left 1:35, jmm miss(1:32), pac block jmm 1-2combo as pac backing off(1:30), jmm landed clean right and follow up with left uppercut and right straith(1:27-25) while pac landed 2 jab at 1:24, pac miss with his left but land with his right (1:23), pac landed good left (1:19), jmm landed his jab but pac countered right hook(1:14), jmm miss with his left and right, pac block them at 1:11-9 jmm land 1 right body shot :)56), jmm landed straith right while pac landed right hook at :)54-:53), pac miss with his jab while jmm land one:)52) pac landed 3 t left as jmm counter with his right but miss again:)47), pac land double right hand and miss with his left but landed again 1 right straith:)44-43) jmm landed right hook and left uppercut but miss with his 2nd righthook:)36-35) pac block jmm shot jmm landed left hook at:20 jmm landing right straith:)14) pac landed solid right and miss with another left-right combo but landed another left uppercut:)13-12) jmm miss:)11) pac miss with his righ-left and also jmm miss his countered left:)05) jmm land left hook and pac countered a good right hook!! who do you think won?!!! I think pac clearly won it cause almost jmm punch landed in pac glove

Sorry for bad english.
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