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According to a report out by Dan Rafael of, the proposed Jan. 20 pay-per-view fight between Roy Jones Jr. and Peter Manfredo Jr. still remains a possibility but not as an HBO PPV event.

Rafael further reported that HBO had some serious discussions with promotional group in charge of "The Contender", which handles Manfredo. After some disscusion HBO decided the event wasn't something they wanted to pursue, in part
because it wasn't enthusiastic about building up "The Contender" brand, which is associated with ESPN.

Enter SHOWTIME: Now with HBO PPV out, organizers are now talking to Showtime about the pay-per-view card. Another possibility could be an ESPN PPV card.

Jim Thomas, Jones' adviser, told that he had reached an agreement with Jeff Wald of "The Contender" for the Jones-Manfredo bout, but with HBO backing out, "They weren't sure if they could afford Roy on the show." Thomas further told, "We were still ****ering over Roy's participation in the upside, but the guarantee was set. The money was what Roy had sent me out to get and we were happy with the deal, but then this HBO thing happened. So we're talking to Showtime to see if it is something we can still do."

Peter Manfredo Jr., faces against Joey Spina tonight in Providence. He must defeat Spina if talks for Jones-Manfredo can continue.

Source of Quotes and Information: Dan Rafael,
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