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Ok guys what i post here will be for people in Europe,to help find boxing from satellite.Im going to list some channels where boxing can some-times be seen for free &,with a fair sized satellite dish.These channels might not show audio in English but so what lol its free when on lol.I have a satellite dish that moves from east to west so i can view more than one satellite.Im going to start with this channel on 4 west in the sky,its called 1plus1 cine @ this frequency 10720h 27500 3/4,if ever i dont see a boxing fight,live this shows soon after the fight @ 5am.Hattons last fight showed here as well as many others.This is my back up channel when i can not find live on satellite are some other channels to check out.
youth sport @ 26 east
12523h 27500
Bahrain sport @ 26 east
12225h 27500
Dubai sports 2 @ 26 east
12113h 27638
Jsc sports @ 26 east
12032h 27500 this 1 is one of the first i check for live boxing.
Ad sports @ 26 east
11806h 27724
Dubai sport @ 26 east
12132v 27351
zoal tv @ 26 east
12094v 27725 seen more football here than boxing,only seen boxing here once.
Saudi sports @ 26 east
12015v 27500
This is just from one satellite for these sports channels,there all showing free 2 air.This is a starter for anyone who dose like paying sky,there are many more satellites out there.
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