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What did you guys think of the other three fights HBO aired?

Concepcion looked pretty promising, but we'll see if he meets the same fate as Banal when he steps up the competition. It's rumored he might fight J.M. Lopez, but I definitely don't think he's ready for that.

Alvarado didn't impress me much against a shot fighter. He took way too many punches against a former lightweight who held a title ten years ago.

I thought Segura was going to ice Canchila early, but the Columbian toughed it out and gave a solid effort. That was a pretty enjoyable fight, even though it paled in comparison the the main event that was to come. Did anyone have any hypothesis as to what happened to Segura? His mouth looked really funny. I wasn't sure if he had a broken jaw, a broken nose, internal organ damage, or what.
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