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Who was the most scariest boxer to ever grace the ring. The fighter who had his opponets peeing their paints as he entered the ring, as he stared them down across the ring, with his reputwa ???

Liston ??? Dempsy ??? Forman ??? Tyson ??? any others you can think of..

These guys were all scary as hell in there primes. They all were agressive, they carried a chip on there shoulder, they hit a ton, and they all could take a punch. Liston was a nut case and ever one knew it, he seemed to hate anyone that was in the ring with him, and he wanted to do them harm. He just always looked mad.

Tyson-- he had wives of Boxers begging their husbands not to fight him. He made a few grown men cry. He too is and was a loon, but there have been so very few boxers who actually went running stright at their opponents as soon as the bell had rung.

Dempsy -- A lot like Tyson, would run at his opponents, and would not stop intill they fell. ANd that scowl he always wore,

Forman -- Two sids of this man. stint in boxing his was big, and he acted like he was mad. He stalked his opponets around the ring and just crushed them. The 2nd stint, I think was even more intimidating. He would come out to Amazing Grace, shaking every ones hand, and when you was in the ring he smiled at you, in the stare down he would smile and wink his eye at you. I know that this is not a threating move, but if you are about ready fight someone, and he is just laughing a joking about with his friends and he smiles at you like he is paying you no mind ...... I think it would scare the crap out of me., making me wonder how good is he?

Liston to me is the scariest, but all of these guys scared the hell out of thier opponents all the time.

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