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Selling Cleto Reyes 16oz gloves

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Hey whats up people...

I joined the forum today because I am trying to sell a pair of new red Cleto Reyes gloves.
These were bought in Mexico...these are not the ones that you can buy at are better quality.

The gloves have both laces and the 'hook and loop'/velcro closure.

They have never been used.

I live in NYC...I would rather sell locally to avoid any problems...but I am willing to ship within the US if anyone is interested.

I am asking for $150 flat.

Just email me back if you are interested...I'll provide pictures if you want also.
[email protected]

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i bought a brand new pair for 129.99 not to long ago and can find them even cheaper. I was thinking about purchasing them but not at that price. sorry.
Yeah you're right... you cant get the ones that are manufactured here in the U.S and sold by ringside for about $129 or cheaper.

I'm selling the ones made in Mexico...which are better quality like I said before.
the ones i bought say, made in mexico on them lol.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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