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Should Joe Mesi be allowed to fight?

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Did any of you see Joe Mesi fight Stephane Tessier on Friday Night Fights?
He won a unanimous decision although he was clearly not the Mesi of old. The fight was in Montreal, following Mesi's victory in Puerto Rico on April 1 over Ronald Bellamy. The Mesi we remember would have been able to make quick work of Tessier, who had won three of his ten fights and had been chosen for that night's card on one or two days notice. Of course, no one should have expected Baby Joe to perform as he did in the past after being laid off for most of the past two years.

The Buffalo native was scheduled to fight on July 8 in Kinder, Louisiana. But a knuckle injury from the bout with Tessier forced him to cancel it. It would have been his first match in the U.S. since March 2004 when he won a unanimous decision over Vassiliy Jirov. In that bout, Mesi got a subdural hematoma, which, I think, is bleeding in the outer layer of the brain. After the Nevada Boxing Commission removed his license, he engaged in a series of legal challenges.

So, now he can fight again, but not everywhere. Should he fight? The commentator on Friday night is on the Connecticut Boxing Commission. When asked about Mesi, he said that he would vote to deny him permission to fight in his state. But the way he answered showed that he would be reluctant to do so and had sympathy for Mesi.

Do the complete medical records show that Mesi is no danger of being fatally injured? Could he survive a series of hard blows to the head? Is he being treated unfairly? What do you think?
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If he can pass the med exam, then he fights. Personaly, if I'm his trainer, no way. You have got to know when to say it's over.
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