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Simple heavy bag question

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What should I do about hard sports in my heavy bag?
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Get good, hard, gloves and pound them until they soften up. It should take a good month of pounding though/
If they are solid, I would NOT recommend punching them out, you could easily injure your hands. The safest thing to do is to re-fill your bag if possible. Re fill it with old clothes and stuff it down in there very tight. (If your bag doesnt have a foam liner or equivalent, you can line it first, and then fill it.
Just keep hitting the hard spots, they will soften up
yeah, just keep hitting it but make sure your hands are well wrapped because it could possibly hurt them but it makes for good target practice.
ha, WRAP YOUR WRISTS! i once made the mistake of hitting my punching bag when i was quite mad and fractured my wrist! I wont make that mistake again!:laugh:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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