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hello hello,

so I've been interested in stepping into the boxing world a little more but haven't really found gym or coach in the norman, oklahoma area that suits me(nor can I pay for that right now). i've torn my hip flexors in the past during TKD and Muay Thai, which led me to pursue boxing as a way to keep active while healing.

anywho, i've been looking to enter some fights around here for some fun and cash. mainly to support how expensive the supplements and very strict eating habits are. not to mention the fact that our(athletes) caloric intake of these expensive foods is way higher than normal.

being 22, having no support from anyone(other than my best friends) and being in college makes it nearly impossible to eat right and supplement properly but somehow until now i've been pulling off.

any advice would be greatly appreciated, training every day and not eating for 16 hours afterwards on certain days cause i can't afford it is getting old.
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