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Paul Gallender, Liston biographer and author has revised this edition and he says the new one is even better. You can find it on Amazon. Read it for yourself and you will know that Gallender is genuinely an authority on the life and career of Sonny. Then, consider what it means that Gallender has validated 70 statements Sonny told me after his death.

Why am I suddenly on this chat stream telling you this? Sonny wants to get his information out. I am wondering if the boxing world cares that he has undeniably communicated with me from the afterlife. When I publish his book, I think I need to address it to the spiritual community that is open to this kind of a miracle.

I am doing my research to find out if this community will have an interest in a man who wants to help a world that hated and rejected him. Will he still meet the same kind of audience? I hope not.
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