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I have serendipitously found this page so I will see if I am welcomed. From the time I was three years old, according to Mom, I displayed otherworldly or psychic abilities. I never expected them to go past helping family and friends. Fast forward, I met Paul Gallender, Liston's biographer, and the floodgates of information that came from Sonny residing in the Realms of Light to me, were extraordinary. Gallender was able to validate 70 facts I gave him that Sonny told me about his life and career.

For decades I have been helping give comfort to grieving souls after losing loved ones, people and pets. To hear from Sonny was not remarkable for me, but for Paul to validate everything Sonny told me was impressive.

Please do not judge because your religion or beliefs say there is no such thing as an afterlife, or when someone dies they cannot contact us. I am only here to tell you what I know to be true.
Sonny spoke to me for two years wanting me to compile it all in a book to help a world that rejected and hated him. He is amazing! I never knew about boxing or Sonny until he reached out to me from the Light. It's okay if you don't align yourself with the idea of a hereafter, you will find out one day when this life ends.

Blessings from Sonny and me~
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