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Sparing with bigger opponent

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I have been boxing for about 4 months now and spared for the first time today. I did rather well but had some problems b/c my opponent was a bit bigger then me. I am 6'5 and 216lbs and he was about 6'7 and 256 with a much longer reach. I did well when I was able to get inside but had trouble getting there. I tried to walk in with my jab but most of the time I just couldn't reach and when I came in he was able to hit me before I got in close enough to connect. A guy at my gym sugusted I start jabing him in the arms and come in that way. Any other advice?
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move your head alot and double up the jab duck the jab and trap them in the corner
When i fight an opponent who is taller then me , i always stay from a far distance of him and wait till he jabs, then when he jabs you parry the jab and come back with a left right combo.
You need to have speed and good reflexes but it works for me.
Head movements, faints, sidesteps and jabs to the body will do the job.
thats all the spar partners i got bigger guys, wait for them to jab and lean them and come with you combos, duck their jab and work the body
I love sparring/fighting bigger guys. I usually fight them from the inside. I use my shoulder alot. My legs and shoulders are pretty strong for my size, I can back most opponents up while sneaking in shots.
I think the best way to fight a bigger guy with longer arms is inside. It's harder for him to hit you when you're inside banging up his body. Now if you play his game and stay outside then he's gonna win the fight because all he needs to keep doing is jabbing at you to keep you away. Basically what happened with Sultan Ibragimov Vs. Wladimir Klitsko. In your weight class you're going to be up against a lot of bigger people than you you're in super heavy weight. It ranges from 200 and up so you have to be prepared and fighting a bigger guy in sparring will be good for you in the ring in the future
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