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Speed bag question - what affects speed?

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My current speed bag set up is too slow for me now. I'd like to get much faster with it, but what needs to be changed? Do I need a better platform? a better swivel? a better bag? or a combination of things?

Currently I have one of those heavy bag/speed bag combo stands and a $30 leather Everlast small speed bag.
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There are several factors that will determine how fast your speedbag wil be. First off though, the speedbag platform must be WELL ANCHORED and solid. What I mean by this, is that it should not move at all, and it should not vibrate much. This is why most platforms are made of thick solid wood.
The swivel is the most crucial piece after a solid platform. The ball bearing pro style swivels and super swivels are very fast and perform great. Since a good swivel only costs about $25, its a solid investment.
The speedbag itself is the next factor into how quickly the speedbag setup will move. Typically, the smaller the bag-the quicker it will move. You want to buy a bag that will suit your needs. The larger bags are slower and easier to keep up with and also provide a larger target, while the small bags are very quick and force you to keep your hands moving very quickly and accurately.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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