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Spend Abazi vs. Robert Guerrero Fight Results

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Spend Abazi vs. Robert Guerrero Fight Results

Friday, February 23 2007
Falconer Center, Copenhagen, Denmark
IBF Featherweight Championship

Results will be entered once they come in.
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24.02.07 - Walking in the ring with the American flag by his side, Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero was greeted with boos from a hostile crowd at the Falconer Center in Copenhagen Denmark. Cheers of support then erupted for Spend Abazi, the hometown hero, as he entered the ring looking to win his first world title. Guerrero having been in championship bouts back in the USA, showed no signs of doubt and the fight was on..

In rounds one and two you saw "The Ghost" utilizing his reach, jabbing and teeing off with straight lefts, stunning the Dane with clean shots.

With confidence mounting, Guerrero came out guns blazing in the third, and dropped Abazi with a wicked straight left that landed flush on the face. Abazi got up after an eight count, and Guerrero jumped on him landing a barrage of punches as the bell ended the onslaught.

Showing great heart, Abazi mounted a comeback in round four, winning a close round with a nice steady attack, throwing punches from all angles. Ghost had his moments landing his jab, but Abazi was more active.

Round five started out tremendous for Guerrero as he once again dropped Abazi with a devastated straight left cutting the eye of the Denmark native. Not letting Abazi breath, "The Ghost" was all business, landing at will with is jab and right hook to the body.

Not knowing how to deal with the right-jab-straight-left combo, Abazi had no answers in rounds six and seven. Guerrero again showed great skills and lateral movement as he moved closer to victory.

With a blooding nose and a right eye gashed, Guerrero put the final touches on the Danish fighter in the eighth. The fight ended when Abazi's corner called it quits before the ninth began, and Guerrero was crowned IBF champion.

Showing class, Guerrero went to Abazi's corner and gave him and his team a good old American handshake and hug. Guerrero then took Abazi from his stool and raised his hands to his hometown crowd, telling them that he is a true warrior.

"The Ghost" now a two time world champion, looks to move forward with his career and fight the bigger names at 126 and 130. Stay tuned as the storybook of "The Ghost" continues.
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