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Hey guys,

I'm Charles and I'm 13, and I want to start boxing.

I want to know, am I a little late starting? I've been doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for about 6-7 months, and as I want to make the transition into MMA, I feel that learning some kind of standup game is necessary.

I know a boxing coach who used to box professionally, so I can train with him. What kind of stuff will I need? I have hand wraps from my week or two of Muay Thai that I took to make my standup tolerable, but I want to take it further with boxing. I dunno what to wear either.. Will basketball shorts and sleeveless shirts be ok?

Thanks in advance guys. Oh yeah and I want to compete in amatuer boxing, so I'm worried that I'm starting later than anybody else, giving me a distinct disadvantage. Will I find that most people in amatuer competition will have a lot more experience than me?
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