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what are the different styles and describe them
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Ok, where do I start? I know, first there is the brawler a.k.a. the slugger who comes straight at throwing a lot of hooks, uppercuts etc. Joe Frazier, and Rocky Marciano are perfect examples of brawlers. To be a brawler you need to have good stamina and have power which both had, espeicialy Marciano. You also need to be prepared to get hit... A lot. Then there is the "boxer" who dances around you throwing jabs and right crosses. Muhammad Ali and Larry Holmes were excellent at that. To have a "boxer" style you need to have good speed and footwork. It really helps if you have long arms and a good jab too. Holmes had the best jab in boxing history and Muhammad Ali had the most speed for his and Holmes's division, heavyweights. Then there are counter punchers, who wait for you to punch, then they either duck it or parry it (knock the punch away). A good counter puncher is James Toney, he ducks, parries, leans, shoulder rolls, or anything you can think of.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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