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Sugar Ray Robinson vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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Sugar Ray Robinson at welterweight, at his prime

Floyd Mayweather Jr. also at welterweight, at his prime

12 rounds total

Who will win?
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Some serious romantization going on here.

Robinson had two chances to KO Kid Gavilan, which is about the closest thing on Robinson's record Floyd could be compared to. Robinson failed both times, even had 15 rounds to do it the second time. He doesn't KO Floyd either.

Some people just aren't meant to be KOed. Gavilan was one, Floyd is another.

That said, Robinson by UD/SD.
The ppl in the arena thought Robinson lost the first Gavilan fight. Fan judging and real judging do sink from time to time, as it did in the Cotto vs Clottey fight.

I know more about Robinson's career than you ever will, so please.
The thing about that is Gavilan was stylistic nothing like Mayweather, he was a flashy boxer. The Hamed of his day even. He wasnt the hardest to hit and he liked to fight on the inside at times.

The best defensive fighter of those days was Willie Pep. Who Robinson beat in the AM's.

Split Decision? You're fukkin crazy. :facepalm:
I was clearly talking about pro fights, ie, the more meaningful ones. And Gavilan matches up to Mayweather better than any other marquee pro opponent on Robinson's resume.

But as for the amateur fight with Pep, you left out the part that Robinson barely won, and ignored the fact that the size discrepancy played a roll. In a WW fight with Floyd, I'm assuming we're talking about the Floyd now, who's actually a legit WW.

By the way, you do know Floyd likes to fight on the inside right?
Well, Robinson didn't exactly KO Gavilan or Maxim now did he. :laugh:
True but he was post prime vs Maxim, fighting at 175 and handily winning on the cards when he colapsed.
At no point did he almost KO Maxim. The man was like 10 year older when he KOed iron jawed Gene Fullmer. Maxim on the other hand didn't even have a very good chin. Mayweather's chin is better. Robinson's ability to KO top fighters who's style wasn't "I block shots with my face" is not that impressive. You wouldn't call SRR a KO artist. And a prime Mayweather would clearly be a better defensive fighter than he ever faced. He avoided guys like Holman Williams, Charley Burley, and the Cocoa Kid for a reason.
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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