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Super middlweight division. Where to now?

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With Calzaghe leaving the division im wondering where things are going now. Whos going to fight who.

Im hearing romours Froch will fight Inkin.

Who will Kessler fight. Who will Mundine fight. Who will Bute fight.

All are interesting questions and i am interested to hear your thoughts.
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Kessler is the man at 168 now Calzaghe is gone, if he vacates the title's then Mundane will be elevated to full WBA champ, and Kessler will probably get a chance to get his old WBC belt back.
Yeh, isnt the rematch at 166lbs catchweight or something?
I think Calzaghe would favour well against Taylor, i don't think Taylor likes fighters pressuring him constantly and always looks for an easy way to win fights (Spinks & Ouma). Calzaghe is a non-stop fighter, and comes forward for 12 rounds throwing punches. I think it would be a good fight, with Calzaghe getting a late TKO at 168lbs.
I dont understand why Taylor is even moving up to 168 tbh, i heard he only walks around about 180lbs, and he said himself he was surprised how easily he made the weight against Pavlik. Taylor, Pavlik and Miranda all have one thing in common... Kessler would beat them all, and probably KO all three too.
1 - 4 of 44 Posts
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