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Super middlweight division. Where to now?

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With Calzaghe leaving the division im wondering where things are going now. Whos going to fight who.

Im hearing romours Froch will fight Inkin.

Who will Kessler fight. Who will Mundine fight. Who will Bute fight.

All are interesting questions and i am interested to hear your thoughts.
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the division has been weak for years now. But I don't think Calzaghe is leaving the division for good. Think he will fight B-Hop @ 175 and then come back down and continue on his path of fighting no namers. If Calzaghe really does leave for good. The division has nothing and Kessler will run the division until that changes or Kessler moves up. Don't think Froch, Bute, Mindine or Inkin have what it takes to make this a compeitive division. It is already boring enough to me, but taking Calzaghe out makes it all the more worse.
mck_776 said:
You really have a problem with Calzaghe don't you... The division is not particularly weak either. And piss off with the no-namers - don't be such a **** as he has fought several good fighters recently!

Without Joe, I see Kessler dominating the division, as he is one of the strongest in the class, providing he rebounds well from the loss to Joe.
Kessler & Lacy don't make good names. Yeah, Kessler is a tough guy and defiantly Calzaghe's toughest opponent to date but come on now. Now if you weren't on Joe's jock you would understand what I'm pointing out. Spending your entire career in a division that is weak? do you expect me to call him that best in the world or something? if you expect that find someone else cause if he stays at 175 he won't have it on easy streak anymore...I mean fighting guys that are over the hill seems like a good strategy but I don't think it will last very long.
mck_776 said:
Kessler and Lacy are both top fighters in my opinion.

You could look at plenty of other fighters and ridicule their opponents too!

I'll agree i'm a big Calzaghe fan, but i'm not going talk bullshit about him!

Kessler would be a better opponent for Hopkins, and there is a rumour of Taylor looking to fight Joe - I think Kessler would be a more than tough enough opponent for them if he decided to move up, never mind staying in Super Middle
everyone is trying to fight Joe, he just doesn't want to fight them.
BigDigga said:
things are definately looking up for the division. if taylor manages to rebound against pavlik he'll add some luster to the division as well.
you think Taylor will move up to 168 after his rematch with Pavlik?
BigDigga said:
yup. it's an non-title affair.
well I know Taylor had it with a rematch clause...I thought thats why the titles weren't on the line. But if its a catch 166 then I think he will move up to 168 which would make the division a lot more interesting IMO. Think a Taylor-Calazghe fight would be a good one.
BigDigga said:
i got calzaghe beating taylor, but not as easily as some would believe.
well it depends on if Calazghe beats Hopkins IMO. If Joe loses I don't know if he is gonna want to fight Taylor as his next fight...Taylor wouldn't let Calazghe get comfortable again. If Calazghe beats B-Hop and fights Taylor instead of Roy Jones Jr. It's going be tough to call. Taylor is one of my favorite fighters but after his loss to Pavlik, I don't know if he is going to be the same. Which we will see in February in the rematch. If Taylor proves to be back, then I think he can take Calazghe. If he losses again in the same form, maybe he lost what he used to have and will lose to Calazghe. For me picking one rely on there next fights.
TommyGunn said:
:laugh: :laugh: :thumbsdown:
laugh all you want. sooner or later it will be shown.

mck_776 said:
Taylor has practically no change with Joe!

Especially at the next weight class up!

Joe ain't scared of anyone! He hasn't 'ducked' anyone, and plenty of guys who are looking to fight him would be a waste of his time!

Kessler is easily the next guy at Super-Middle, and he'd have Taylor down early...
Joe hasn't ducked anyone? you mean besides Kessler, Jones, Winky Wright, Spinks, Duddy, Bute, the entire Light Heavyweight division. I mean...I'd say he is pretty much ducking everyone.

and I know your gonna say he just fought and beat Kessler but it took his promoter a year to finally give Kessler a decent deal. They low-ball potential matches just so he can duck him. He has a history of it. I mean come on, 7 years as WBO super middleweight champion and 2 guys worth mentioning on his resume? that really doesn't tell you anything? He and Hopkins were supposed to fight like 3 years ago but Hopkins pulled out because he wasn't gonna get paid ****...and let's face facts without Hopkins Calzaghe doesn't make **** for a fight. Hopkins is bringing the bread to this fight. Calzaghe won't fight in North America.

and lol @ Taylor not having change with Calzaghe...what makes you say that? because Calzaghe beat Lacy & Kessler?

I know you hate Taylor but at least he's a respectable champ and gives the rightful contenders a shot at the belt. Look at his track record compared to Calzaghe since they both 1 titles...

Jermain Taylor:
Bernard Hopkins
Bernard Hopkins(again)
Winky Wright
Kassim Ouma
Corey Spinks
Kelly Pavlik


Joe Calzaghe:
Branko Sobot
Juan Carlos Gimenez Ferreyra
Robin Reid
Rick Thornberry
David Starie
Omar Sheika
Richie Woodhall
Mario Veit
Will McIntyre
Charles Brewer
Miguel Angel Jimenez
Tocker Pudwill
Byron Mitchell
Mger Mkrtchian
Kabary Salem
Mario Veit
Evans Ashira
Jeff Lacy
Sakio Bika
Peter Manfredo Jr
Mikkel Kessler

I mean, you got to be kidding me right? Taylor has gone out of his way to fight the best contenders in his division meanwhile Calzaghe has been defending his title against a bunch of no namers and 2 potential threats. Taylor lost his title because he gave the top contender a chance to win the title meanwhile Calzaghe was beating on weaker opponents and dogging even the thought of unifying the division. I mean 7 years with the WBO title and never once trying to show he was the best in the division until most of the guys moved up leaving him one fight away(Kessler) from unifying the titles? If you guys have the nerve to call out Mayweather & Taylor saying there unentertaining ignorant assholes then maybe you should stop looking at things through your england colored sun glasses and take a good look at what Calzaghe is doing. But I know I'm just being a "eurobasher" and hating on all European fighters. blah blah blah

list of people Calzaghe should have pursued fighting:

Frankie Liles
Byron Mitchell
Bruno Girard
Sven Ottke
Manny Siaca
Markus Beyer
Christian Sanavia
Eric Lucas
Dingaan Thobela

and that's just in his weight class. All champions of the division while he was a champ but instead of taking on honest competition he beat up on the sure bets. Calzaghe should have moved up to 175 if he wasn't gonna bother going for more titles.
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TommyGunn said:
168 is a great division with great fighters in it.

its one of the strongest and most competitive in the world, it just doesn't have an american top dog and thats why most americans arent educated enough to talk about it with any real knowledge.


anybody who says these guys cant fight i laugh my ass off at, i bet guys like you chris havent seen them fight before but you'll comment and call it a weak division.

add names like.


yeah, that division sucks. :rolleyes:
actually I've seen all of the guys you mentiond fight. On seperate occasions each.

judging by your post right there what can be said about the division???? that champion won't fight the real competition in. Out of the 10 guys you named to summerize the o so great division...2 of them the so called champion of the division has fought. Now if he was american/black/talks to much he would be dogged for ducking those guys like you guys seem to like to do for Mayweather because he hasn't fought Cotto...Mayweather has fought tougher guys in his division then Calzaghe has in his division yet its people like you who hate on him then love on Calzaghe...please enlighten me why that is?

face it your boy Calzaghe has a history of being scared of a threat. I mean for like the tenth time in this thread alone look at his track record. He didn't face a opponent decent record until his 18th Pro fight. I mean until he fought Mark Delaney his opponent with the best record was 26-21-1. :laugh:
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TommyGunn said:
that was a great contradiction there. :laugh:

you forgot to mension the 2 guys he fought were both the #1 guys behind him, not 2 or 3, #1.

if you knew anything about calzaghe or the sport of boxing you'd know thats why calzaghe left micky duff and signed with frank warren in his early career.

duff kept putting guys like henry wharton over him for fights with the likes of benn and eubank and joe got pissed with it, within 3 fights of leaving duff calzaghe was champion winning a title against a legend.

so whats your point chris?

21 defences, 11 years, 4 world titles. :rolleyes:
Calzaghe backed out of 2 fights with Lacy and made Lacy head to Manchester to fight him. Whether Lacy was number 1 conteder, I don't know but he was a conteder that im sure of and as I said. 2 decent opponents in his 21 tittle defenses? thats not good I don't know what your mean with that post. I wouldn't even consider Eubank a legend, not to mention Eubank moved down from Light Heavyweight to fight Calzaghe and then moved back up after the fight for his last 2 fights of his career. Eubank was trash when Calzaghe fought him. Eubank's legendary career ended in 95...2 years before Joe beat him.

Calzaghe has had a fluke title reign until he beat Lacy after backing down from him twice. Then he went back to his boring ways and fought Manfredo & Bika instead of fighting the new contender in Kessler who he finally fought after a year of ducking. I mean theres no way you can spin this garbage in Calzaghe's favor. The fact remains he is afraid to lose.
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TommyGunn said:
if you knew anything about calzaghe or the sport of boxing you'd know thats why calzaghe left micky duff and signed with frank warren in his early career.
lol @ that.

what does him leaving Duff or signing with Warren have anything to do with "knowing boxing"

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