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Super middlweight division. Where to now?

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With Calzaghe leaving the division im wondering where things are going now. Whos going to fight who.

Im hearing romours Froch will fight Inkin.

Who will Kessler fight. Who will Mundine fight. Who will Bute fight.

All are interesting questions and i am interested to hear your thoughts.
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You really have a problem with Calzaghe don't you... The division is not particularly weak either. And piss off with the no-namers - don't be such a **** as he has fought several good fighters recently!

Without Joe, I see Kessler dominating the division, as he is one of the strongest in the class, providing he rebounds well from the loss to Joe.
Kessler and Lacy are both top fighters in my opinion.

You could look at plenty of other fighters and ridicule their opponents too!

I'll agree i'm a big Calzaghe fan, but i'm not going talk bullshit about him!

Kessler would be a better opponent for Hopkins, and there is a rumour of Taylor looking to fight Joe - I think Kessler would be a more than tough enough opponent for them if he decided to move up, never mind staying in Super Middle
Taylor has practically no change with Joe!

Especially at the next weight class up!

Joe ain't scared of anyone! He hasn't 'ducked' anyone, and plenty of guys who are looking to fight him would be a waste of his time!

Kessler is easily the next guy at Super-Middle, and he'd have Taylor down early...
There will always be the jealous haters!

Calzaghe deserves everything he has got, and will prove he ain't 'ducking' anyone!

You're dead right about the other fighters staying away from 168, but the haters never mention that, its always about Joe ducking or being scared to move classes...

Taylor will get beat at 168... and I wouldn't count on Miranda doing much - not a fan of his anyway...

People seem to be keen to write off Lacy after his loss to Joe - hopefully he can rebound strong from the shoulder and get some decent fights soon, but Kessler has them all covered!
Nothing wrong with being afraid to lose...

Calzaghe has absolutely NOT had a fluke reign! You could argue the same bullshit about anyone! Like Jermain Taylor...

You claim Joe 'ducked' Mikkel for a year - Kessler improved a lot over the year anyway, so Joe in that respect Joe made it harder for himself if he 'ducked!'
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