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Super middlweight division. Where to now?

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With Calzaghe leaving the division im wondering where things are going now. Whos going to fight who.

Im hearing romours Froch will fight Inkin.

Who will Kessler fight. Who will Mundine fight. Who will Bute fight.

All are interesting questions and i am interested to hear your thoughts.
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I agree with a few thoughts, the super middleweight division is really strong.

I am looking forward to Kessler fighting Bute, a fight i think he will win easy. However i rate the 2nd best fighter Mundine in the division, and really enjoyed his fight with Kessler which i thought was a lot closer than the judges predicted. Bute is a massive puncher. And we haven't started talking about Froch, Inkin or Andrade. So we have a strong division.

I was reading this morning about Sakio Bika. If Danny Green looses his world title light heavy shot on the weekend Bika will fight Mundine in the US. I think Mundine might take that UD or possibly late stoppage.

Im really keen to see what Froch does because the Poms talk him up a lot. And Kessler, well i think he might be a little dented to his loss to Cazlaghe, but he still is the best in the division, penidng his next fight.

If Mundine beats Bika, expect him to give Lacy a go. in the US.

Kessler emphasised his next fight will obviously be for a title of some sort.
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LeedsLad said:
I dont understand why Taylor is even moving up to 168 tbh, i heard he only walks around about 180lbs, and he said himself he was surprised how easily he made the weight against Pavlik. Taylor, Pavlik and Miranda all have one thing in common... Kessler would beat them all, and probably KO all three too.
I think Taylor should stay at middleweight. Kessler, Mundine and Bute are all extremely hard punchers. I think he would struggle. Especially against Kess, who im sure would score a knock out win.
mck_776 said:
There will always be the jealous haters!

Calzaghe deserves everything he has got, and will prove he ain't 'ducking' anyone!

You're dead right about the other fighters staying away from 168, but the haters never mention that, its always about Joe ducking or being scared to move classes...

Taylor will get beat at 168... and I wouldn't count on Miranda doing much - not a fan of his anyway...

People seem to be keen to write off Lacy after his loss to Joe - hopefully he can rebound strong from the shoulder and get some decent fights soon, but Kessler has them all covered!
Joe has fought the best at super middleweight. We really have no right, in saying that he is ducking anyone. becuase hes not. He doesn't have to prove anything in the division.
I see Kesslers biggest threat as Anthony Mundine. Mundine fought Kessler and gave him his toughest fight since Calzaghe. But since then Mundine has improved. He had no amateur career. Watch his latest fights against Green and Soliman and watch his fight with Kessler. He is by far Kesslers biggest threat. On his night he could force a win.

Bute has to be behind Mundine. Mundine is by far the closest threat to Kessler. Roy Jones Senior has expressed these views, he has trained Anthony before big fights before. Also don't be suprised if Kess looses, for him to go down under to fight him.
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