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hahaha..... maaaan I hope the B*TCH of ALL B*TCHES joe little man calzaghe was watching that. I hope he shows up tonight and mumbles some words to JT as well.

Its over for all you Calzaghe lovers and huggers and fake ass wanna bes... the mans a joke and you will all see.... you will see the man has fooled all of you for 10 years... The Truth is going to be told and the narrator is JT.. its over.... JT is ready to beat his mumbling ass....

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PrettyBoyFloyd said:
Now that is the Jermain Taylor I know! It is about dang time he showed that side of himself. Thanks Lance, that got me even more pumped up for the fight!
exactly what i was going to say.

at last there looks like theres some fire in the belly!!

hope the performance lives up to it.
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