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Taylor vs Winky

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to me, this was fight of the year. with pac/morales coming in 2nd.
This is going to take ages to download.. hehe looking forward to seeing this again though.
This was a hell of a fight. Just got round to re-watching it:p I scored it 115-113 to Taylor. It could really have gone either way though.
PrettyBoyFloyd said:
It didn't work for me TOmmy.
i just watched again today shane, it seems to be working now. :thumbsup:
it was a good fight but i had Pac/Morales II to be FOY by far over this fight. i scored it a draw. i would of scored for Winky if he didnt get on his bike in the 12th. buttwipe. i was rooting for him. im going for B-Hop in their fight though.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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