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THE Andre Berto thread

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wow. This kid is just amazing.:laugh: With a little work on defense, I dont see him losing for a LONG time.
Who do you guys think would beat him, right now? Or who do you think he's capable of beating right now?

I love Paul Williams as well, but I think Berto is hands down the most promising looking prospect in boxing, in any weight division right now.
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tommygunn said:
id like to see him in with joel julio or carlos quintana just now, i think another year will see berto chalenging and beating all the top ranked welterweights.

5 years from now i see berto v amir khan in a super fight these 2 look the business.
I completely agree Tommy. Id love to see him in with a Collazo or Quintana this year to give him a test against some better, slicker boxers.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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