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The future of Diego "Chico" Corrales is what!

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After a bit of a run in with the law... problems with his weight... queries over whether or not at 5'11" he should really be fighting at Super Featherweight and Lightweight... and somehow being destroyed by Floyd Mayweather Jr. (something which I am still trying to get over)... what does the future hold for "Chico"... the American born Half-Columbian and Half... Mexican... I think? Anyways... I reckon he should be in a higher weight division... I can see him doing might fine for himself at Welterweight or something like that! If he can really get something special going... at 5'11"... he can win World Championships in all weight classes right up until Light Heavyweight... meaning World Championship in 8 different Weight Classes! OKAY... that's a bit over the top... but he will only be 30 on August 25. What do you think... what does the future hold for Diego "Chico" Corrales?:thumbsup:
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