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The Giant: Not to impressive

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So the 7+ ft Giant beat Monte Barret. The man has a good punch, but is slower than cold molases. Barret is barrly a top 20 contender. Barret could hit him fairly easly, what going to happen when this 7 ft freak show steps into the ring with a man that can actually box. He looks like he can take a punch, but I would not call anyone he has ever fought a puncher. Ruiz has avg power, and Barret is at most avg power. I see Don King Making an extra few bucks off this freak show, give him a few gift desions, and than he will feed him to a Mt Whitiker, or a Klitschko, Brewster, or some other hard hitter who will chop him down to size

I would really like Chris Byrd to fight this guy. Byrd would have him chasing him all night. Byrd would not KO him, but he would out box him every single round.

Klitschko, Tua (yes Tua), Petters, and McCLine would all man handle this freak show.

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If he goes boom, I feel sorry for the canvas. :laugh:
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