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The Golden Boys Final 3 Fights In Order

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Mayweather ( Mayweather by split D)
Mosley (Draw)
Trinidad (The golden boy by ud)
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i think it depends on what weights the fights are at if there all at 154 oscar wins them maybe mayweather can outpoint him.
golden boy

didnt golden boy say he wanted to go down to 147 to fight for his last matches. now look at him he fights at 154
If he fights at 154 you might have to put Winky in that mix too for a super fight

winky wright would definitely dominate a fight with the golden boy. with that beautiful jab of his. he'll make it a one sided fight. and just do what he did to taylor. go forward and let his hands go.hell probably knock him out like he almost did to tito.
The Golden Boy aint Tito. he not gonna just be pushing him around. thats a tough fight only because of Winkys defence.But I would have to go with The Golden Boy on this one 12 round ud.
ill have to go with winky on this one. i think he would dominate if he does the same to golden boy as he did to taylor. all winky has to do is move forward. dont get me wrong de la hoya would try to control the fight but i think winky can dominate and win as a ud. if not itll be another fight robbed by the judges.
just for the record I didnt think Winky won the Taylor fight I had Taylor 115 to 113
ah come on man, you didnt have to score that fight to figure out winky won. it was close but i think winky did more to win.
I dont think he did and in a rematch Taylor would win easier.
your out of your mind!!! winky could have let go of his hands and probably even finished the fight. all taylor would do is move back to the ropes. taylor does have power but winky has it all.
hell no!!! i think winky would give 'um hell for what happen on the first fight.
dmedal said:
ah come on man, you didnt have to score that fight to figure out winky won. it was close but i think winky did more to win.

Did you see Winky's face after the fight.
I would be really surprised if De La Hoya fights 2 more times.

I think he may go for the Mayweather fight wich I think Oscar would win. He would be to big for Mayweather.

I dont think he would fight Mosley since he now promotes him etc.
i agree with erik there's no business sense there if he fought mosely again, he'll prob fight mayweather for his last bout if not it'll be tito.
Winky's face was swollen and scraped up from punches. Taylor's eye was swollen because of a headbutt. And Taylor had no other swelling on his face.
winky would dominate even more now that he knows what he has to do to win the fight
He dint know the 1st time. I doubt that he knows now.
i think hoyas last 3 fight could and should be against

1. Floyd Mayweather (Mayweather UD)
2. Shane Mosley (Hoya UD)
3. Felix trinidad (Trinidad UD)- this depends on what hes like if he comes out of retirement.
Tyson you really think that Trinidad can beat the golden boy. you crazy.
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