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What are your picks for the most one sided fights in boxing history?

Fights where one fighter made the other look like an amateur, where the other fighter was so skilled and talented that the other guy couldn't amount any offense or put up a fight?

one of the most high profile was Lewis v Tyson. God i wanted Tyson to beat Lewis so bad that night.but it was punishment for any Tyson fan watching that, he just couldnt get anything going.

I not saying Mike looked like an amatuer that night, but he just never got anything going and was a shadow of his formerself.

Team Mayweather
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Mayweather corrales

mayweather gatti

calzaghe lacy

jones vs ruiz

jones vs woods

jones vs anyone in his prime

winky vs tito

Tyson vs anyone in his prime

pacquiao vs barrera I

Taylor vs Bunema

Cotto vs Urkal

Cotto vs Quintana

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You guys say Tyson in his prime vs anyone but it depends on what exactly was his prime.. I mean Jones was like 15 years undefeated and Tyson was defeated in less than 5.anyways its true that before that those fights were lopsided...

Barrera Prince naseem
Kessler Andrade
Mayweather Gatti
Mayweather Baldy
Calzaghe Lacy
calzaghe Manfredo
Jones Kelly
Cotto Gomez

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Calzaghe vs Lacy has to be considered one of the most one sided 12 round fights in history.
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