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The Next Big Fight Manny Pac vs Morrales Who You Got

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I got Manny tko11 Manny up by 1 round both are knocked down 1 time in the fight.
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I think Morales pulls off the upset also.
prettyboywho said:
im still with the pac man easily

Wanna bet some pts?
prettyboywho said:
im new to this i dont know how to do all that stuff.

Dont worry I am not a computer expert or anything.

See our profiles to the left < It say so many pts. We just agree on a bet say 100 pts & if I lose to you I wlould click on your pts over there & donate 100 of mine to you. If you lose you donate 100 to me.

I lost 200 on Liakhovich last weekend :laugh:

Also good to see you stay active on here.
Lets not forget that Pacquaio beat the hell outa Barrera. Its no shame for Morales to lose to him.

I do think Morales is slowly loosing his skills & hunger. I think he has a few more good fights left in him.

I also think pacquiao may be a little distracted for this fight. Alot of personal stuff goin on & maybe lookin ahead.
prettyboywho said:
Erik we can bet 100

Okay deal. 100 pts I have Morales you have Pacquiao

Check out the Vbookie section also. Have you used that yet?
prettyboywho said:
I dont even know what the vbookie is.
Here is the link. Its on our board its a fake betting system. You can bet your pts against the odds on upcoming fights.

Its in the upcoming matches ection.
prettyboywho said:
that sounds like it cool.

Yeah check it out. It has Klitschko vs Brock & Morales vs Pacquiao on there to bet on.
Hopefully Holyfield PPV will be on there by the end of the week. Waiting for the odds.
dmedal said:
ill give it to morales on this fight. and yeah how do you bet some points???
You can bet here
1 - 8 of 27 Posts
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