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The Next Big Fight Manny Pac vs Morrales Who You Got

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I got Manny tko11 Manny up by 1 round both are knocked down 1 time in the fight.
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ill stick my neck out here morales wins ud handsomley. ive bet 1000 points on this.
i think the prob for erik the last time was his ill fated move up to 135, after his loss to rahman pac was the wrong encore for his next fight i thought erik looked sucked and had nothing in the tank after 5.

a freind of mine from another forum is in the antonio margarito camp and he has some inside info that erik's training has went great, and he was 134 last tuesday, that 4 pound wont have been a prob to shift infact erik should be about bang on just now,if this is the case we'll see erik in his best condition in the past 3 years.
prettyboywho said:
well being in shape and not having the magic anymore is 2 different things. RJJ was in shape for his second fight with Tarver and we saw what happend with that. They both just dont have the mojo anymore.
eriks skills are not in doubt at all it was bad condition that cost him last time out.
prettyboywho said:
what about the last few fights that he had that he looked bad in.
lightweight was a bad move for erik and as im stating for the encore against pac he was sucked........
because vander is a money draw no mater how good or bad he's become
1 - 5 of 27 Posts
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