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The full workup here; Supplements, drugs, oxygen tents, techniques, training methods, etc...
What do you do to boost endurance and stamina?
I am up to 235 pounds and gas out a lot today when I slammed the heavy bag. It's getting very frustrating and I am beginning to think that I may have mild asthma. I feel breathless after just a mere couple of rounds. Don't get me wrong, I hit every punch as hard as I possibly could. The gym has a 200 pound bag and it makes it a good workout. I started running 4 miles every 2 days, followed by a day off on the track. I started swimming on the day when im not running or hitting the bag. I hit the Epileptical machine hard for 15 minutes right after my boxing workout.
I am contemplating on investing in an oxygen tank to put around my bed @ a stimulated 15,000 feet altitude to sleep.
I'll do anything to get myw ind up...that **** is the ONLY thing that seperates me from victory.
The power is there, the speed is there, the heart is there....
So what to do to BOOST stamina?
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