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They both dominated Felix Trinidad. They both claim to have been robbed of wins against Jermain Taylor. On July 21 on HBO pay-per-view, Bernard ‘The Executioner’ Hopkins (47-4-1, 32 KOs), 42, and Winky Wright (51-3-1, 25 KOs), 35, will collide at a catch-weight of 170-pounds.

Most view the fight as a bad clash of styles. In a recent interview filmed by, Hopkins disputes the opinion of his bout with Wright becoming a chess match between two defensive fighters.

"People say the fight will be defense vs. defense and they are wrong. Winky wants to win. Bernard Hopkins wants to win. We are both veterans. We don't have what we had in our 20's. We don't have what we had in our 30's. Every year that passes we take a step back. We may not notice it, but it's happening right now," Hopkins said. "Adjustments is what people make in life as they get older. I have mastered adjusting to my opposition. I made (Antonio) Tarver fight and I will make Winky fight. He's not coming on July 21 to lose to a 42-year-old man."

Some experts are picking Hopkins to win because he's the bigger and stronger man. Wright last fought at 160 pounds, and moves up nearly two weight classes to meet Hopkins, who a few months ago was trying to land a shot at WBC heavyweight champ Oleg Maskaev. Hopkins said that it comes down to one simple fact - he is the better fighter with the better plan.

"The real truth is that I'm the better fighter. At the end of the day, it won't come down to age, it won't come down to his record. I think it comes down to the better fighter with the better plan. It won't come down to height or weight. I think Winky is comfortable at that weight, I think he walks around heavy. It comes down to who executes his strategy and who's the better fighter," Hopkins said.

Many men have tried to solve the puzzle of Winky Wright's defense. Jermain Taylor failed, Quartey failed, Trinidad failed and Shane Mosley failed twice. Hopkins claims to have solved the puzzle. Not only does he predict a win, but he predicts that he will punish Wright over twelve rounds.

"I said that not only would I beat Tarver, I would make it look easy. For this fight, Winky has a great defense and nobody has figured out the problem. He's due. So, when I unravel that with my own safe cracking. I'll add that feather with my other feathers for my own legacy. Winky's style is made for punishment," Hopkins said. "He's a defensive fighter who became a little offensive if you watch his last few fights. His style makes him take a beating. The fighters that he fought could not stand the task of knowing what to do. I've been a master of solving puzzles."
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