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Shane Mosley had a few things to say in response to comments recently made by Floyd Mayweather, Jr., who criticized Mosely's financial worth and referred to him as being nothing more than a sparring partner. (click here for Mayweather's comments)

During a recent interview with BoxingScene, Mosley said that in his opinion he feels Mayweather is running scared from the fight.

"I think Mayweather is growing some feathers right now because I think he's a little chicken and he knows that I'm the man he needs to fight. There is no other fight out there really. He can wait for Miguel Cotto or this and that. But, I'm the man he needs to fight. The man that can hit him. I have speed, I have power. He has a little speed. So let's get together and see who's the best," Mosley said.

As far as the timing, Mosley says he is ready right now. He wants the fight to happen as soon as possible.

"I'm just waiting for him (Mayweather) to give me the ok, so I can go in there and attack him. Tell Mayweather to get this fight on. Let's stop fooling people with who's the best and let's get the fight on. I feel I'm the best," Mosley said.
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