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THE VIEW : Trinidad on Mayweather, Jones and Taylor ( RING RETURN 2008 )

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It was reported by Puerto Rican media outlet Endi, that a meeting was held last weekend between former three-division champion Felix "Tito" Trinidad and promoter Don King, discussing a return to the ring in January 2008. The meeting took place at King's Isla Verde hotel suite in San Juan, Puerto Rico. King was accompanied to the meeting by employee Dana Jamison, and his Puerto Rican assistant Juan Miguel González. Trinidad came with his father, Felix Trinidad, Sr., lawyer José Nicolas Medina, and the financial advisor and interpreter, "Pepe" Branches.

There are three opponents in mind for Trinidad's return, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Roy Jones, Jr. and middleweight champion Jermain Taylor. Mayweather appears to be the leading candidate for the bout. Mayweather has told the press in the past, and DKP reps, that he would be interested in a bout with Trinidad at 160-pounds.

Trinidad said he would be willing to make a return around the time of his birthday on January 10 of next year, when he turns 35-years-old.

The sides agreed to schedule a second meeting in August to further discuss Trinidad's possible return.
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Trinidad looked pretty done in his last fight. But if he thinks he has a serious chance of winning those fights, then hell i cant wait to see some more tito:D
tito needs a guy who is wililng to trade, i still think oscar/tito II would be an aewsome fight, and a change for vindication to be awarded.
titos more of a gezzer than oscar these days, floyds only beating a name if he fights this shadow of a great fighter. theres at least 10 harder fights out there for floyd.

the hatton fight would also be worth more money!
i think we can all agree there.
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