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There are 2 types of Brawlers... and they are

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I've always wanted to create this thread! You all know that I like "BRAWLERS"... that's my favourite style of boxing! Some say "BRAWLING" isn't really boxing... and you're right... to a degree! You see... I reckon there are 2 types of "BRAWLING"...

  1. Brawling Boxers
  2. Just plain old sloppy brawling as executed by musclehead thugs or on the street or in a drunken bar room brawl!

The Heavyweight Division at this moment in time is full of BRAWLERS who can't BOX... they're just big guys who think that just because they're built strong and look tough... think they can BOX... well they can't!

The last BRAWLER who could BOX... was George Foreman!

Famous BOXING BRAWLERS include George Foreman, Rocky Marciano and the man I've named myself after... Sonny Liston!

Of course... Brawlers aren't the best Boxers... they're usually beaten by Out Fighters! Lennox Lewis... as an Out Fighter... used to be beat Brawlers who weren't Boxers very easily... if he was ever against a Brawler who could Box... he'd probably still win... but it'd be a lot tougher!

Does anybody here agree with me? That there are 2 Types of Brawlers? Boxing Brawlers and just plain old sluggish thug brawlers who can't really box? Does this thread even make sense to anyone??? :laugh: SEE YOU ALL LATER... WOW... 999 POSTS! Is that The "Emergency Number" or "UPSIDE DOWN HELL"?
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I wouldn't say Foreman was a great boxer and Marciano wasn't much of a boxer either.

I do agree with you though that there is two types. :thumbsup:

Roberto Duran is a perfect example of a brawler who could also box.

Ricardo Mayorga fits the bill as a brawling street fighter who cant.
For a change, a few guys that were great boxers that could brawl with the best of them were Larry Holmes, Willie Pep, Alexis Arguello, Sugar Ray Robinson, Jack Johnson, Thomas Hearns, and Sugar Ray Leonard. You'll notice that 4 out of the 6 are some of my favorite fighters...thats because its the style I love. Marciano and Dempsey are probably some of the crudest looking brawlers, but really they weren't that crude, they were pretty smart. Marciano out smarted Walcott to get his ever so famous right hand in, Dempsey fought brilliantly against Willard.

Who doesn't like to see two brawlers go at it though? I doubt anyone would miss out on Marciano-Frazier or Dempsey-Foreman.
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