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there should be a section on olympic-style boxing(amateur)

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There should be a section on olympic-style boxing (amateur)! :)
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Ringside World Championships-Amateur Boxing

If you are anywhere near Kansas City, Missouri, you must definitely go by the KCI Expo Center. From August 2nd to August 5th, there is the a major competition, the Ringside World Championships. It is the biggest amateur event. 1500 boxers are registered.
There are 2 sessions per day:11:00 am and 18:00, with 6 boxing rings!
It is wicked!!!Boxing Heaven.
Yes, it is wild.
The 6 rings are in the same huge room and each ring has its own unique bell/sound for beginning/ending of rounds so there is less confusion.
LOTS and LOTS of boxing for 4 days and all levels too, from 8 years olds to 70years old!!
The prizes are good too, a nice belt to the winner and other prizes for winner and other finalist.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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