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Hi, I'm completely new to boxing and i was wondering if i can use title gel bag gloves for sparring. some people said that sparring with bag gloves = pain for your partner. someone that reviewed the title gel training gloves said "However if you want to use them for both or if you are new to boxing then I would say get the bag gloves. These will be more hard wearing and you can use them for sparring - it will just make you work harder! (which is better for fitness anyway)" Title Gel Hook and Loop World Training Gloves on Boxing Daily
I'm still in my teens and planning to box with my friends, as well as work on bags.

what do uguys think? long does it take to get products shipped on ground to Vancouver, Canada from Boxing products - boxing training gear & supplies, cheap discounts & kick boxing equipment from Title Boxing ?
and if uguys think the bag glove is more suitable for me, what size should i get? im 178cm 70kg
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