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To Canadians buying boxing gear

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Compare Prices and Read Reviews on UPS Standard to Canada at

If your buying anything from the u.s make sure they are not shipping ups. If you want to save money and not pay crazy shipping fees. Check the link above out and speaking from my own past ups will charge you almost double for what your paying for. So if the value of the item is 50 bucks you'll be paying an extra 40-50$ on shipping! alone!

Just a heads up so you don't get any suprise's.
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always go with usps, if your ordering from the u.s
Im not understanding this due to i've never ordered anything on the internet. I live in Canada.. and I have NO clue what "UPS" and "USPS" IS.. anybody care to break this down to me?.
UPS = united parcel service, USPS = united states postal service
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